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Welcome to nova caeli

Every day, we master the challenge of providing children, young people and senior citizens with balanced and tasty meals. Our experience and dedication are reflected in every dish. We attach great importance to high-quality ingredients, individual needs and dietary requirements. Our team of experienced chefs stands for reliable and lovingly prepared lunchtime meals. Discover the variety of our menus and put your trust in nova caeli for a tasty accompaniment to your everyday life!

Diverse menus

Fresh ingredients

Easy ordering


We not only deliver good food, but also service.

Nova caeli offers a first-class service by delivering delicious and freshly prepared food directly to your door. Our mission is to provide children, young people and senior citizens with varied and balanced meals every day - conveniently and on time. With nova, feeding your community is easy, reliable and delicious.

Kind isst Obst

What makes us special


Thanks to our personal care and close cooperation with the kindergartens, we can take individual wishes and special dietary requirements, such as allergies, into account.


We consistently invest in high-quality ingredients to ensure the first-class quality of our meals.


We consistently invest in high-quality ingredients to ensure the first-class quality of our meals.


As an EU-approved company, we are subject to special product quality and hygiene requirements in order to meet the highest standards.

Direct contact

Thanks to our close relationship and direct communication, you have the opportunity to inform us directly of any discrepancies or positive changes and to address them.


We always adhere to our delivery times and inform you immediately of any delays

Temperature control

Maintaining the correct temperatures is of the utmost importance to us, and in the event of deviations we react immediately to ensure the quality of our food.


A children's menu costs from €4.75, an adult menu from €11.50. They include three courses each: salad, main course and dessert and cover our full service. Individual offers are available on request.

Menschen essen Burgers


Good taste knows no boundaries

We respect cultural and religious eating habits. Our specialized team offers a wide range of dishes to meet the diverse culinary requirements. No matter what culinary journey you wish to undertake, we will be happy to accompany you.

At nova caeli, the focus is on the diversity of enjoyment. We guarantee that our dishes will not be repeated for at least 8 weeks in order to offer a constant stream of fresh and varied culinary experiences.

Katja H.

Dear Nova Caeli team, 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service! My daughter always enjoyed eating everything and was very satisfied. She always particularly liked the kohlrabi soup. This is certainly a special achievement with critical little customers ;) We also liked the choice between meat and vegetarian.


Allergies & intolerances

A balanced diet is important to us. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs and requirements. Our experienced chefs are passionate about creating dishes that are delicious and cater for all allergies. However, we do not offer meals for highly allergic customers who may experience life-threatening reactions. In such cases, we do not guarantee that the food contains absolutely no traces of the allergenic substance.

Contact us for more information on our special dietary requirements and let's work together to create the ideal solution for you.

Nudeln essen




Eltener Straße 7

46446 Emmerich am Rhein

Contact us

Phone: 02822 9770934

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We like to be on first-name terms in German. Why? Because we think that an open and relaxed approach is simply more personal. So don't hesitate to call us by our first names - we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable here. Our mission is to provide people with good food and a good atmosphere.


Then we look forward to your inquiry

Thank you very much!

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